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Izuparts Center, Inc. (ICI) is the sole and exclusive distributor of Jiangsu Joylong Automobile Co., Ltd. of China. ICI has been a dealer of automobile and truck spare parts for more than 30 years. With the company's experience in selling only Original Equipment of the Manufacturer (OEM) parts, spare parts and service will easily be provide to Joylong's customers.


Joylong vans are built to last a long life time of service using the latest manufacturing equipment and techniques available in China today. The company is also constantly researching and developing to achieve a feat of No-breakdown in its quest to be the industry’s leader in vehicle production.

The Aftersales Service program is the first in the country because, although other Chinese brands have their own aftersales service programs laid out, Joylong will maintain at least 24 service centers and parts depot nationwide even if these service centers have no showrooms. We will also accept other brand names in our service centers in the future because of the similarity of our parts to some of the Japanese vehicles running in our streets and because we want the Filipino people to enjoy the benefits of owning a high quality vehicle at lesser cost. The concept is to maintain Joylong vans running longer than its expected life expectancy using durable parts and components manufactured in our plant in Jiangsu, China.

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Joylong van is China's High-End Van, using 2.5L DK4 Diesel Engine with BOSCH CRDi Intercooler Euro III/IV Emission developed by Toyota Engineering Technology. It is uniquely designed with its spacious interior, comfortable seats and high-roofing that makes each riding experience truly comfortable and satisfaction guaranteed...

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JoyLong Deluxe

Joylong Deluxe has a wheelbase of 2570mm with integral luxury dark interior, fabric seats designed with human body engineering and last row foldable seats with maximum luggage space of 2650L, creating a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

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JoyLong Hivan

Joylong Hivan's generous appearance characterized of fortitude and grace, as well as perfect balance between fashionable high roof and super-wide body, create its unique commercial model and a mighty sense of vision...

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JoyLong Majestic

Joylong Majestic van has extra long wheelbase of 3720mm with optional 18-23 seats creating larger passenger space to meet various requirements during business trip. Each has a brief design of dashboard with tiltable steering wheel...

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